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WHO: Orihime, Yoite
WHAT: Yoite's in bad shape. If only SOMEONE were around that could take care of his injuries with magical healing powers...!
WHEN: August 13, 2008
WHERE: The Hub - Otherworldly Plaza

...this isn't.... simply healing... is it...?Collapse )

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WHO: Elsa von Spielburg, Red Wizard
WHAT: Elsa stops by the Adventurers Inn to tie up some loose ends before heading back to protect Gloriana. And while she's there, she figures she may as well ask Red to look after her garden. And then she goes home.
WHEN: June 15, 2008 - Evening
WHERE: Adventurers Inn, Coneria

Welp, off to Gloriana! Take care of my garden for me, okay? Bye forever!Collapse )

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WHO: Elsa von Spielburg, Maya, Millennia, Niigi Gorgeous Blue, Ridley
WHAT: What starts out as a simple shopping trip for The Angels to hang out and get to know one another better turns into a desperate struggle when Ridley shows up! Millennia's mystery begins to dissolve when Elsa discovers that she's being controlled.
WHEN: January 12th, 2008
WHERE: Terra Zone, Out West - Mall

If you can't fight then make yourself useful and... I don't know... get some chocolate or something! Don't ask why!Collapse )

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WHO: Vince, Yuki
WHAT: While Yuki teaches high schoolers all about CPR, Vince takes an unexpected and dangerous hit from the rapier of a teammate that literally takes his breath away. Yuki to the rescue!
WHEN: January 12th, 2008 - Afternoon
WHERE: Pacific High

This isn't how I prefer to meet people. But my name is Vince LaRose...Collapse )

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WHO: Agent 3D0, Gameshark, Dual, Athlon, Ratchet, Millennia, King Hippo
WHAT: The people of Nimbus Land are being oppressed in a Johnson Enterprises eggnog factory! There's even a picture of King Hippo cracking the whip. But fear not, Athlon and Ratchet race to save the day, da da-da-DAHHHHHH!
WHERE: Nimbus Land, Mushroom Kingdom
WHEN: December 16th, 2007
WATCH OUT FOR: Enough childish humor to satisfy a five-year-old slumber party.


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WHO: Captain Bravo, Kazuki Mutou, Rock Lee, Tycho Science
WHAT: Captain Bravo knows that the threats that face Ginsei City are no longer restricted to just the homunculi. So Kazuki is given special training, with the help of Bravo's newest acquaintance -- Rock Lee!
WHEN: November 10th, 2007 - Early Evening
WHERE: Ginsei City - Dormitory and Woodlands

Konoha.....HIGH FIVE NO JUTSU!Collapse )

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WHO: Greed, Lan Fan
WHERE: Grocery Store
WHEN: June 13th, 2007
WHAT: Greed picks up some snacks for Ling to binge on in order to ease up on the prince's depression. The girl who rings them up seems VERY familiar, and it doesn't take her long to feel the same when she finally sees who's come into her checkout stand.

I tell you, though, I ain't the strangest person you're bound to meet in this city.Collapse )

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WHO: Ichigo, Kon, Orihime
WHERE: Byakuya's Apartment
WHEN: June 2nd, 2007
WHAT: Orihime swings by the Kuchiki apartment to drop off a gift for Rukia. But when Kon pretends to be Ichigo, she ends up staying a little longer than anticipated. Will Kon succeed in snagging a date with Orihime? And what's Ichigo got to say about all of this when he comes home?

Yes! YES...this was going to be awesome.Collapse )

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WHO: Orihime, Ulquiorra
WHERE: Orihime's Apartment
WHEN: May 13th, 2007 (the day after Setsuna's attack)
WHAT: Ulquiorra is full of questions about the strange things he saw last night, and finds himself at Orihime's doorstep. Orihime takes a risk, and tells him exactly who she is...and who he used to be. Will Ulquiorra return to his former Espada self? Or will he remain as he is now?

...this... this is a lot more than I had expected to learn...Collapse )

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WHO: Machi, Sunako, Yuki, Ayame, Riku, Chidori, Tohru
WHERE: Kikan High School, Class 1-A
WHEN: May 26th, 2007
WHAT: A student council meeting is held, and Tohru has enlisted Ayame's help to bring the food. She meets many interesting new people...and a skull named John.

H-hello sk-skull-san!Collapse )

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